WATCH: Linda Sarsour says you can’t be feminist & Zionist - a feminist Zionist takes her to task

Heather Alper, on behalf of the Zionist Organisation of America, outlines in this video why you indeed can be a feminist and a zionist at the same time. She says “as a zionist feminist, I support the liberation movement of my fellow Jews just as I support the liberation movement of my fellow women.” (Find this at minute 1:57 in the video).

Though feminism today has a variety of different branches, perhaps the most outspoken of these branches are the third wave intersectional feminists. Linda Sarsour, one of the leaders of this group and an outspoken Muslim defender of Sharia Law, regularly condemns zionists and claims that one can either be a zionist or a feminist, but not both. This is not true. Check out our video for more...

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