Why is it called “Passover”? Why not Freedom Day? Independence Day? WATCH THIS INSPIRING ANSWER!

Imagine if you had to name the holiday of Passover? Would you name it after such a minor a detail as God ‘passing over’ the Israelite houses on the night of the tenth plague, the plague of the killing of the firstborn? Ollie explains that being a firstborn means transmitting the values of your parents to the rest of the children. In killing Egypts first born, God showed that He did not want the Egyptian values to be transmitted, whereas by passing over the Jewish houses, he showed that He indeed wanted the Jews to be his moral ambassadors to the world. As Ollie says (minute 3:18) “on that night, the Jewish people took upon themselves the responsibility of transmitting the values of their Father in Heaven, down to all of God’s children here on earth.”

Click on the link and watch the full video in order to understand the holiday of Passover a little better this year!

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