You won’t BELIEVE what Ken Livingstone had to say about Hitler and Zionism in this J-TV interview…

Among making other outlandish and false claims, Livingstone claimed that Hitler became Chancellor of Germany towards the end of 1932, only to be disproved by our very own Dr Alan Mendoza. Furthermore, Mendoza goes on to shed light on the fact that the very source used by Livingstone in support of the notion that Hitler supported Zionism, also said the following (to be found at minute 4:39 in the video below) “the nazi attitude towards the zionists was only a facade. In reality the zionists were and are miserably treated.”

After making audacious claims that Adolf Hitler, the slaughterer of over 6 million Jewish men women and children, had Zionist sympathies, we brought Ken Livingstone on the show to speak to him about why he made those comments and tried to determine whether or not Ken knew his history well at all. HE DID NOT. Click on the link above to find out more about what they discussed.

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