FASCINATING! Professor explains how the Torah shaped much of Western politics as we know it.

Professor Joshua Berman of Bar Ilan University discusses how Judaism and the Torah, the Hebrew Bible, introduced to the world many political concepts such as rule of law, equality, redistributive taxation and so on. He says (minute 1:12) “long before the thinkers of Athens, the Torah introduced to the world the idea of equality before the law. All public institutions in the Torah, the judiciary, the priesthood, the monarchy, the institution of prophecy itself, are all subordinated to the law.” Fascinatingly, values such as these which are today taken for granted in our societies were once alien to the world.

Though many think our political system is based on Ancient Greece, much of it predates Greece, going all the way back to Ancient Israel. See how so many more of these concepts were brought about by the Torah by clicking the link and watching Professor Bermans full video!

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