WATCH - The awkward moment Shami Chakrabarti refuses to deny being offered a peerage for her whitewa

Dr Alan Mendoza also uncovers the scandal that is Jeremy Corbyn awarding Shami Chakrabarti with a peerage in return for her work on the enquiry, despite this alluding to some obvious foul play. When asked a number of times whether or not she has been offered a peerage, Chakrabarti hesitates and says “you can ask the question, but I’m going to evade it.” (Go to minute 9:34 for this).

Mendoza takes on Shami Chakrabarti, now Baroness Chakrabarti, in this J-TV interview. Mendoza questions Chakrabarti on a number of issues in relation to the Labour Party Enquiry into Anti-Semitism in the party. The enquiry was led by Mrs Chakrabarti and was designed to try and establish whether or not there is a problem of Anti-Semitism inherent within the party. The enquiry was eventually rather inconclusive and led many to believe that the leaders of the party, including Jeremy Corbyn himself, and Chakrabarti intentionally whitewashed the enquiry. See for yourself at the link above…

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