FASCINATING! Jews have won a disproportionate number of Nobel Prizes across the years. Why is that?

Since the advent of the nobel prize, 22.5% or 201 of the 892 winners have been Jewish, despite the fact that Jews constitute only 0.2% of the world’s population. This means the percentage of Jewish Nobel laureates is at least 112.5 times or 11,250% above average. Why could this be? Nobel Laureate Prof. Robert Aumann (who won his nobel prize for his advancements of game theory) believes that the reason is that (minute 0:40) ‘the most important thing in Judaism is study of the Torah’, above all other things. This means that across the generations, Jewish communities ensured everybody was involved in study and always placed education as a chief value.

To find out more of about this mans fascinating insights, click on the link above.

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