Rudy Rochman speaks the truth about the events at the Gaza border!

Pro-Israel advocate Rudy Rochman discusses why the outer image of recent events at the Gaza border is only a facade and explains Hamas’ role in orchestrating the deaths of their own citizens by forcibly sending them to the Israeli border to try and infiltrate it. He states regarding Hamas (minute 1:00) ‘their twisted logic dictated that even if they fail to infiltrate the border, then at least Palestinians will be killed in the process and their deaths could be used to target Israel in the media.’ He explains that Hamas are in fact hoping for the deaths of their own people as it very conveniently fits with their made-up narrative that Israel cruelly and indiscriminately slaughters innocent Palestinians. He also talks about how those who want real justice for Palestinians in Gaza must stand up against Hamas.

Watch the full video at the link above for the whole story.

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