Here’s why NOT to fall in line with BDS… from Dr Alan Dershowitz

Regular J-TV speaker and Harvard Law professor Dr Alan Dershowitz outlines five reasons why every reasonable person should reject the BDS movement. He outlines how Israel is in fact not the main source of blame for the Israel-Palestine conflict as BDS falsely claim. As Dr Dershowitz puts it after discussing each of the various peace offers Israel has made to Palestinians which they have rejected (minute 1:58) ‘so much of the blame lies with the Palestinians, and yet BDS would focus all the blame on Israel.’ Israel have in fact offered fair and reasonable peace deals to the Palestinians on over 5 occasions, but to no avail. The video discusses yet another 4 reasons why BDS should be rejected, among them that BDS simply won’t work and that it spreads anti-semitism.

In order to watch the video and gain a better understanding of BDS, click the link above.

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