Our own Ollie Anisfeld addresses the age old question of ‘why would God create the world? What’s in

In our video Ollie discusses the famous question of why God would have ever created the world in the first place. Ultimately, as Ollie himself puts it (minute 0:03) ‘it is after all strange that a Being who is defined as infinite, perfect and needless would choose to create a world, what’s in it for Him?’ This is a very serious question that should certainly have bothered most thinking Jews and believers at some stage in their lives. Ollie goes further and discusses yet another facet of the question. Why would this God then make demands on his creations? What is the purpose of all of this for Him, after all if He has no needs, why does He want us to do things seemingly for His sake? And even if He did gain something from it, why us? Why not the great planets, galaxies and stars? Why mere puny short lived mortals the agent to fulfilling the will of God?

To find out the answers to all of these questions and more, take a look at the link above!

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