Why is Jealousy One of the 10 Commandments? Rabbi Akiva Tatz Explains…

Rabbi Dr Akiva Tatz explains in this video why the prohibition of jealousy in Judaism is serious enough to be included in the ten commandments. He outlines the concept that each of the first five of the ten commandments is parallel to its opposite one in the second five. For example, he states (minute 1:02) ‘the second, don’t have other gods before me, don’t betray that most important of all relationships, whats the parallel on the human side? Not committing adultery, don’t betray that most important of human relationships.’ Jealousy is parallel to honouring parents, because one is supposed to be able to attribute things correctly to their source. Parents must be honoured because they are our source of life, and the source of objects and possessions must be honored too, if they belong to somebody else, they do not belong to us.

In order to understand the notion of jealousy that bit better, watch the entire video at the link above.

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