Ahh, love at first sight… wait, what?

In this video our own founder Ollie Anisfeld explores the question of love. What is the Jewish view of the idea of love? Everyday, people come to the belief that they are in love after having just met a person, whether it would be only seeing them, or having one conversation with them. It’s commonly referred to as love at first sight, but is this even real? As Ollie puts it (minute 0:47) ‘at least according to the Jewish interpretation, this isn’t love at all, this is infatuation.’ So what exactly is the difference? In short, love is about the other, infatuation is about me. To be infatuated means that because this person makes me feel good, whether it be emotionally, physically or in any other way, I love them. But really, you love yourself, and the other person is just a vehicle for your own self gratification. To really love somebody, the love has to be about them. True love comes from a deep appreciation of how wonderful another person is, and how do you achieve this? By committing, dedicating and giving of yourself to another person every day, it doesn’t happen overnight!

For the full explanation of these ideas, click on the link above and watch the video in full.

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