Struggle with ego? You’re not alone. How central is the fight against egocentrism to Judaism? Rabbi

The problem of arrogance is a severe one in Judaism and as Rabbi Tatz himself stresses in this video (minute 0:02) ‘if you were to sum up all of Torah and morality, all of spiritual development, all of human work in the world, it probably comes to one idea only, and that’s avoidance of arrogance. Put it on the positive side we and we can call it humility.’ Rabbi Tatz discusses the paradoxical nature of humility, namely the more one negates themselves the more they become ultimately great, and the opposite is true of arrogance. The more one strives to be honoured and great in the eyes of others for egotistical reasons, the more insignificant one becomes. Humility was exemplified in Moses, who was also the greatest and most famous man of all time.

For more from Rabbi Tatz, click the link above and watch the full video.

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