Struggling to find your purpose in life? WATCH this video

Talking to those “who struggle to fill they are in their element”, J-TV founder Ollie Anisfeld shares a short and simple strategy he learnt from Rabbi Dr Akiva Tatz that can help clarify the direction your life should be heading in. Asking viewers to write in a circle everything they are and everything they are not outside of the circle, Ollie explains that “the circle” contains all the tools you need and have to succeed in life. In this way, jealousy of other people should abate, while a true sense of purpose should begin to appear. Quoting Rabbi Sacks’ definition of purpose as “where what you want to do meets what needs to be done” (3:17), Ollie ends the video by encouraging everyone to find their unique purpose in the world.

To watch this and other inspiring videos in full, click on the above link!

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