Thinking of marrying out? Watch this video first...

In this video, J-TV founder Ollie Anisfeld looks at the rise of intermarriage and what one should consider before marrying out. Rejecting arguments like “it would really upset your grandparents” (0:36) that appeal to guilt, Ollie instead recognises the intrinsic importance of Judaism to a Jew’s life. Speaking to viewers likely to include many of his school friends, Ollie encourages an informed decision based on detailed research, ending the video by recommending the book “Why be Jewish?” by Doron Kornbluth. Rather than take a pessimistic attitude to the problem of increasing intermarriage, Ollie’s approach is primarily positive, safe in the knowledge that the Torah itself explicitly states that God will ensure the survival of the Jewish people.

To watch the full video and many others, click on the above link!

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