WATCH: Find synagogue boring? Here’s what to do…

In one of the best videos from this 5-part “Grill the Rabbi” series, Rabbi Daniel Rowe tackles some extremely interesting videos put him to by a J-TV audience. When asked how to help motivate someone go to synagogue, Rabbi Rowe first explains how there are many places to good deeds and observe mitzvot, apart from just shul. Further advocating a step-by-step approach, Rabbi Rowe says to, for example, take one prayer at a time and really focus on it. For him, it is much more important to do less with more understanding, than do more with less focus. Ending his response, Rabbi Rowe explains how “just once a day” (5:08), you should talk to God.

To watch the rest of the videos in this series and others’, click on the above link!

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