WATCH: Sex before marriage? Two women debate the merits

“Couples who marry after the age of 27 have a lower chance of divorce”. In this informative and gripping debate, Jill Filipovic - a progressive feminist journalist - and Gila Manolson - a Jewish author and relationship speaker - discuss the benefits and disadvantages of having sex before marriage. Moderated by J-TV founder and ‘Jewish Wisdom’ presenter Ollie Anisfeld, the debate pitted each speaker against one another in front of a live studio audience. Throughout the debate, both women used numerous stats and stories to illuminate their argument and further support their point of view. Concluding the debate, Jill and Gila reiterated their central arguments, again disagreeing on whether to update for the modern era biblical views towards sex or to keep observing the traditions that Jews have been observing for millenia.

To watch the debate in full, click on the above link!

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