WATCH: Believe Judaism is a religion? Think again...

“Judaism is not a religion”, so says Rudy Rochman in this informative and fascinating video. Arguing that Jewish identity is more national than religious, Rochman explains how Judaism is different to other religions like Christianity and Islam. Calling it a “portable suitcase of a native people’s identity” (2:10), Rochman goes through Jewish history from the destruction of the Second Temple, through the separation into Sephardi and Ashkenazi communities and then all the way to the present day. In this way, with historical anti-Semites also treating Judaism as a national - rather than a religious - identity, Judaism is less a religion and more of a national ethnic group. Concluding the video, Rudy even goes as far as to remind the audience that Ashkenazi Jews have more DNA in common with Middle-Eastern Arabs than Eastern Europeans.

To watch the video in full, click on the above link!

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