WATCH: Anti-Semitism on campus? How to respond…

With around 30% of our live studio audience saying that they are scared of anti-Semitism on campus, Rabbi Daniel Rowe in this ‘Grill the Rabbi’ video, explains how to deal with anti-Semitism or anti-Zionism on university campuses. First unequivocally stating that we are lucky to live in an extremely tolerant society, Rabbi Rowe advises never to be too reactive or too agitated. Having said that, Rabbi Rowe says to listen to such people and that if they do seem open-minded and reasonable, one should engage with them and try change their mind. Summing up the video, Rabbi Rowe says“if you feel agitated, do something” (4:02) - a prescient message for our time.

Click on the above link to watch the video in full!

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