WATCH: the BBC’s anti-Israel bias exposed

In this video, the Israel-Britain Alliance tackles what they perceive to be the BBC’s anti-Israel bias. First defining the Beeb’s essential impartiality, the video then goes on to list some examples to further elucidate its point. The video notes how, for example, of eight recent BBC reports of Hamas attacks on civilian areas of Israel, seven headlines or articles began with Israel’s response, rather than with the chronological order of events, creating an untruthful narrative in the minds of the BBC’s nationwide audience. Moreover, in the same two year period - in which there were 19 additional rocket attacks on Israel - the BBC failed to report any of these attacks. Perhaps, however, the Israel-Britain alliance may find some surprising common ground with the hundreds of people who protested against the BBC’s perceived anti-Palestinian agenda back in the summer of 2014.

Click on the above link to watch the rest of the video!

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