If You Are Connnected, You are Disconnected

A teacher comes home before supper time; her husband is sitting by the computer. After supper she sits down with her work marking essays her pupils wrote that day. When reading the last one she burst into tears. Her husband noticed and asked, “Why are you crying, what happened?” His wife replied, “Yesterday I gave the children an assignment to write an essay. The topic of the essay was, “What Would You Like to be in This Modern World?” “Okay, that’s a good topic for an essay, but why are you crying?” asked the husband. The wife said: “Here, let me read to you what a pupil wrote.” “I would like turn into a smartphone. My parents love their smartphones so much and are so busy with them that they forget I exist at times. My father comes home from work tired and he turns to his smartphone and not to me. If my parents have important work they will still answer their smartphones on the first ring, but I can cry and beg for a long time to help me when I need them before they notice. They are busy surfing on their smartphones. That’s why I want to turn into a smartphone!” The husband’s feelings for this boy were aroused. He asked his wife, “and who is this student?’ She answered, “He is our son”.

This article originally featured on hidabroot.com

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