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Some commonly asked questions about J-TV: The Global Jewish Channel

  • What is J-TV?
    J-TV is a new, global Jewish channel featuring weekly segments on Jewish Wisdom, Current Affairs and other Jewish entertainment.
  • Who is behind J-TV?
    J-TV was founded and is directed by Ollie Anisfeld. Anisfeld says the idea for the channel came because of a “gap in the market. … There was an apathy about Jewish identity. My idea was to create a new, high quality, online global Jewish media channel.” Faced with disinterest, Anisfeld barreled his way into the office of Lord Kestenbaum, a Jewish peer, and quickly convinced him to support the idea. Former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks also embraced the project. The purpose of the channel, Anisfeld states, is “to engage both Jews and non-Jews who want to understand Jewish culture.” ​ Anisfeld featured on Algemeiner's list of the Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life in 2017
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