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Watch dynamic Jewish educators, panels and debates on fascinating and relevant topics.
Jewish Wisdom

Jewish Wisdom

Passover: Couldn't They Come Up With a Better Name?

Are Men and Women Fundamentally Different? | Rabbi Manis Friedman

Are Open Relationships a Good Idea? - Rabbi Manis Friedman

Relax, you're not meant to be a Tzadik

God Is Vulnerable

A Jewish Response to Louis Farrakhan's Jew-hatred event

Is Judaism closer to Islam or Christianity?

Anxious about how others see you? Try this. | Rabbi Manis Friedman

Why Pornography is Emasculating

Was Hitler an Amalekite?

Why Jews aren't looking for Jesus to save them...

Why are Jews disproportionately rich and successful? - Rabbi Manis Friedman

How can I connect to God when I don't see or hear Him? - Rabbi Manis Friedman

"It's all for the best" - That's easy for God to say! I'm still suffering alone...?!

Why is the World Obsessed with Israel and the Jews? - A Deeper Look

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