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J-TV is a global Jewish channel featuring weekly segments on Jewish Wisdom, Current Affairs and other Jewish entertainment. Check out our latest videos here!
J-TV: The Global Jewish Channel

J-TV: The Global Jewish Channel

"Gaza CIVILIANS Sold Me To Hamas" - Former Hostage

Bill Maher To DELUSIONAL Beto O'Rourke: "Israel Is Not The Problem!"

Douglas Murray: The Delusion That Netanyahu Is The Problem

Prager Slams Tucker Carlson ANTI-JEWISH Bias

The Jihadist who Converted to Judaism 🔥 ✡️

Start Calling Gaza "Nazi Gaza" And Things Will Make Sense

Ben Shapiro On Israel's Required Iran Response

Passover?! - Why The Random Name? HERE'S WHY!

"Daddy Why Do You Support Hamas?" - A Father-Daughter Conversation...

The MIRACLE of Israel's 99% Statistically IMPOSSIBLE Iran Defence

How The Left Turned On The Jews

Pro-Palestine Protesters' IGNORANCE Exposed

How Douglas Murray Would Solve Israeli-Arab Conflict?

In Every Generation They Rise Up To Destroy Israel...

New Message from IDF Chief on Israel vs Iran

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