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J-TV: The Global Jewish Channel

J-TV: The Global Jewish Channel

What Does Jews Being The "Chosen People" Mean?

REBUTTAL to "Prince William Wasn't Taking Sides on Israel-Gaza"

Douglas Murray Dismantles Israeli 'Genocide' Claim And Exposes Hypocrisy

Half a Million Brazilians March For Israel & Against Their Antisemitic President

How Do You Explain Anti-Zionist Religious Jews?

Should Israel Enter Rafah? - A Jewish View

Proof The Israeli-Arab Conflict Is About Islamic Conquest Not "Freeing Palestine"

British Jewish MP: "We have no business telling Israel where it should operate"

Why Israel & The Jews Are REALLY Hated - (And The Solution!)

What Will We Do All Day Once The Messiah Comes And The World Is Fixed?

REACTION: Prince William Caves to the Anti-Israel Mob

The Lies of Ilan Pappé - Anti-Israel Historian

Congressman Grills Biden Official on Palestinian State Details

NEW: Hamas Lose Contact With Leader Yahya Sinwar

"Israel Has Unprecedented Precision" - Military Historian Tells UK House of Lords

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