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Watch interviews and debates on the latest current affairs issues affecting Israel and Jewish communities worldwide.
Current Affairs

Current Affairs

Labour MP calls Israel 'fascist' then apologises - Ollie responds

What are the options for peace between Israel and the Palestinians? - #AskCharlotte

Palestinian Territories Israelis are Banned From - #AskCharlotte

Is there White Jewish Privilege?

Why is the World Obsessed with Israel and the Jews? - A Deeper Look

Why are Palestinians suffering? - #AskCharlotte

Whoopi Goldberg doubles down on the Holocaust - A Jew Responds

Can you separate Zionism and Judaism?

The Jewish Roots Of Christianity - Historian and Rabbi Ken Spiro

Adolf Hitler: The Making of a Monster | The Untold Story of Hitler's Early Years

Is Antisemitism being tolerated in the Republican Party?

Is the Two State Solution REALLY still on the table? - #AskCharlotte

Jewish Response to Dave Chapelle SNL Monologue

Is it worth debating a passionate anti-Zionist? - #AskCharlotte

'Woke Antisemitism' - How Woke Ideology Harms Jews

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