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Watch interviews and debates on the latest current affairs issues affecting Israel and Jewish communities worldwide.
Current Affairs

Current Affairs

Forgiveness & Cancel Culture - Yom Kippur Special Ft. Rabbi Dweck

"There is no good Zionism" - Jacob Reacts

Artificial Intelligence Through A Jewish Lens - Dayan Zobin

A Response to Fousey's "Free Palestine" Comments

Jew Responds to Israel Apartheid Accusation

Rebutting Norman Finkelstein's Nazification of Israel

How does a Holocaust survivor feel about God and being Jewish?

How One Man Survived Nazi Holocaust Hell - Hangings, Shootings, Starvation, Terror

European Leftist vs Rudy Rochman on Israel DEBATE

Berkeley Student Debates Zionism w Rudy Rochman

Why Does Rashida Tlaib Have A Blindspot to Jewish Suffering?

A Message from Tali Dee - Daughter & Sister of Lucy, Maia, Rina Dee

Why The Holocaust Generation Are The Greatest in Jewish History

How should Jews feel about Christian Zionism?

The Man Who Confronts Anti-Jewish Protesters - Joseph Cohen

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