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Watch interviews and debates on the latest current affairs issues affecting Israel and Jewish communities worldwide.
Current Affairs

Current Affairs

Melanie Phillips: The Palestinian Cause Was ALWAYS About ELIMINATING Israel

REVEALED: The BIASED ICC Panel Calling for Bibi Arrest

Bill Maher DISMANTLES Anti-Israel Lies On THE VIEW

Ted Cruz BLASTS Sec Blinken on WEAK Biden Foreign Policy Record

Douglas Murray To Bill Maher: Biden Pushing Israel Into Never-Ending Gaza War

Reaction To ICC Bibi Arrest Warrant: The Jews Are Guilty of Existing! ✡️

Jordan Peterson To Son Of Hamas: What's Your Message To Anti-Israel Students?

Netanyahu's POWERFUL Response to ICC Arrest Warrant 🔥

It Was Never About The "Occupation", It's About Jew Hate.

Iranian Jew’s Execution Delayed For A Month - What Does This Mean?

Ben Shapiro VS Anti-Israel Student: EXPOSES TRUTH About Palestinian Cause

The BOLD Changes Israel Must Make To TRIUMPH! - Yishai Fleisher

Douglas Murray: I Went To Israel/Gaza Day After Oct 7, Here's What I Found 😲

Ben Shapiro Reveals The Root Cause of Israeli-Arab Conflicts

Douglas Murray To Son of Hamas: When Will The West Wake Up?

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