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Watch interviews and debates on the latest current affairs issues affecting Israel and Jewish communities worldwide.
Current Affairs

Current Affairs

Rabbi Reacts to Andrew Tate "Israel Committing Genocide" Claim

“Israel shouldn’t exis”t - RESPONSE

Takedown of Mohammed Hijab's "Palestinians should have an army"

"Don't negotiate with Hamas! Threaten them - even my father!" - Son of Hamas Leader

Rabbi Responds to Mohammed Hijab "Israel is attacking not defending itself"

Rabbi Reacts to Norman Finkelstein "outrageous" comments on Israel vs Hamas

What Happens Next in Israel After October 7 Massacre?

"Hamas Cannot Be Forgiven!" - Son of Hamas Leader Speaks to UN

What Is The IDF Strategy in Gaza?

3 Reasons Why Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism

What happened on October 7 in Israel?

Ex-Hamas Supporter: "I Hated Jews and Israel, But Now I Condemn Hamas"

“This Muslim stands with Israel!”

Jeremy Corbyn Refuses to Call Hamas Terrorists

Will This Be The Generation To Stand With The Jewish People?

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